Attachment of Sleeping Pills

Posted by Muslim on Friday, July 29, 2011

Lift gradually sleeping pills
First, we must know that not commence a withdrawal anytime. If you are going through a period of acute stress or that you feel at 36 below, it is best not to risk furthLift gradually sleeping pills
er milling with black. For it is the safest way to rush even faster on the plate you have forgotten for a time. Ideally, these drugs should not be taken every night at more than three consecutive weeks. So choose the right timing. If you really can not, the best thing to do is talk to a GP.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that sleeping pills are like pounds. It does not get rid of them in 2 weeks. For, engage in a withdrawal is to give at least 6 months! The ideal is to reduce the "dose" gradually, in increments until you feel very well until the blackout. 1 tablet, one passes to ¾, ½ and 15 days later, and finally to ¼ when everything goes well. Same thing, if you feel anxious, it is better to put this latest attempt.
Pick sleeping pills: a good organization and use herbs

A basic principle is to say: do not let you dictate your schedule for your insomnia. Lie down when you feel sleepy, or when fatigue is felt. If within half an hour, you are still unable to sleep, get up and attend to: read a book, change room, or watching a TV show ... Anyway, it is best to wait that the appeal of the quilt is done in a new feel. But that does not mean that tomorrow you can give sleep or nap, error! It is important to get up at the same time every day, especially if you have not slept.

To help you sleep again, forget the exciting: alcohol, coffee, cola, tea ... One study showed that about 3 French, 2 of them consume stimulants after 17 pm, yet it will not do that worsen your insomnia. On the other hand, herbal medicine is also there to help and also proves effective in helping insomniacs. Among the herbs known for their calming include linden, chamomile, hops ... drunk as a tea, a few drops of essential oil of lavender or ylang ylang help calm down and thus promote sleep.

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