Anxiety Disorder Treatments

Posted by Muslim on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It is common for a large number of individuals to live with anxiety disorders without consulting a physician for diagnosis or seeking options to help remedy their condition. Many individuals brush off the idea of their overwhelming stress being an actual anxiety disorder, and instead see themselves as simply leading hectic, stressful lives. Another group of suffering individuals are reluctant to draw attention to their anxiety issues, based on their belief that their anxiety may cause others to see them as mentally ill.

For centuries, anxiety disorders were dealt with in a number of unconventional ways that would never be accepted today. Among these treatments were: allowing sufferers to experience severely high and low temperatures, washing the body in rivers that were ice cold, and even placing leeches on the body(bloodletting). Thankfully, contemporary treatment alternatives are currently in use. Drugs to treat anxiety disorders are among the most widely used treatment options. For more than twenty years, anti-anxiety medications have been available, and thanks to physicians prescribing them, they have become a booming business. In fact, in 2006, $3.7 billion in sales of the anti-anxiety medication known as Effexor, was recorded. The rise in prescriptions of these types of drugs is causing unease among a large number of medical professionals who believe that these drugs are being prescribed too readily, and in some cases, when a patient is actually only experiencing manageable everyday stress.

Instead, it is suggested that therapy be considered as an alternative to medication, as it has proven effective in the treatment of a number of phobias, PTSD, and other conditions. Another option for the treatment of anxiety disorders addresses the behavioral reaction to a stressful circumstance, as well as the cognitive response, and this remedy is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT). This practice has been successful in assisting individuals with anxiety disorders to face and conquer their condition. Slowly introducing an individual to the thing or things that they are afraid of, is another procedure used for curing OCD and phobias. In this method, sufferers are given coping strategies, such as relaxation techniques, so that they are equipped to take their fears on directly. Called systematic desensitization, this option has allowed many individuals to defeat their conditions. Anxiety disorders can also be effectively addressed through the use of herbal remedies, meditation, and acupuncture. You will also realize a drop in your feelings of stress, by making some modifications in your exercise routine and diet, especially when you make these changes along with the use of any of the options for anxiety treatment that we have discussed.

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