Why You Should Quit Smoking

Posted by Muslim on Thursday, August 4, 2011

About the dangers of smoking in general I feel I have much to know, especially for people who smoke cigarettes every day, because it's in every pack of cigarettes there is writing about the dangers of smoking, such as this. SMOKING CAN CAUSE CANCER, HEART ATTACK, AND INTERFERENCE impotence PREGNANCY AND FETAL,

dangers of smokingBut strangely enough even though the pack or packs of cigarettes have included writing about the dangers of smoking are very intimidating, still a lot of smoke.
Cigarettes contain more than four thousand substances and two thousand of them have been declared impact is not good for our health, such as radioactive material (polonium-201) and materials used in paints (acetone), washing the floor (ammonia),ubat silverfish (naphthalene), insecticide (DDT), termite poison (arsenic), toxic gases (hydrogen cyanide) are used in "gas chambers of death" for pesalah who undergo the death penalty, and many more. And substances in cigarettes are the most dangerous are the Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide. Tar contains approximately forty three ingredients that cause cancer or so-called carcinogens. Nicotine has a substance in cigarettes that can cause addiction, which is why the users of cigarettes is very difficult to quit smoking. Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that cause heart disease risk, 25 percent of people with heart disease are caused by smoking
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Here is the danger of smoking on our healthsmoking pot can cause urinary Cancer,Stomach cancer,Colon and uterine cancer,Oral cancer,Esophagus cancer,Pharynx cancer,Cancer pankrias,Breast cancer,Lung cancer,Chronic respiratory tract diseasesStroke,pengkroposan bone, known as osteoporosisHeart disease,Sterility,Disconnect the initial period,Gave birth to babies with disabilitiesMiscarriage baby,Bronchitis,Cough,Peptic ulcer disease,Emfisima,Muscle weakness,Gum disease,Eye damageMentioned above are the dangers of smoking for current smokers, what's that active smokers? Active smokers are those who directly inhale cigarette smoke, whereas passive smokers are those who do not directly inhale smoke, but inhale cigarette smoke issued from the mouths of people who are smoking.
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Below are the dangers of cigarette smoke for nonsmokers.Increase the risk of lung cancer and heart diseaseRespiratory problems including pneumonia and bronchitisSore or painful eyesSneezing and coughingSore throatHeadache
The substances contained in cigarette smoke are:2 times more nicotine5 times more carbon monoxide3 times more tar50 times more chemicals that are harmful to health
Dangers of cigarette smoke on pregnant women and fetusesMiscarried fetusTumbesaran fetus terencat - 30% higherThe death of the fetus in the wombBleeding from the uri (placental abruption)Weight loss - 20 to 30%
Dangers of cigarette smoke on infantsProblems and respiratory diseasesDisrupt the development of intelligenceEar outbreaksLeukeamiaBrain cancer 22%Quick tiredSudden death syndrome

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