Are You Using Article Traffic To Build Your Subscriber List?

Posted by Muslim on Friday, September 2, 2011

Article marketing is a very powerful and time tested marketing method that many successful marketing plans have been built around.

Using articles to advertise your products and services can help someone to establish a degree of credibility in the market as well as build a substantial network of backlinks to their websites and get targeted traffic in the process.

However one of the greatest mistakes that is commonly made amongst individuals who are new to internet marketing is that they do not build a list.

Why You Need To Start Building A Subscriber List From Your Articles

When I say building a list I am talking about building a list of subscribers that will provide you the opportunity to remind your visitors to come back and visit your site again and again.

The reason why building a list of subscribers is so important is because without it, you will have to continually get new visitors to your website if you want to have a lucrative internet business.

In addition to continually driving new visitors to your website, you will also have to contend with the fact that more than 90% of your sites visitors will not invest in anything on the first visit and most likely will not buy anything on the second or the third.

It has been noted that your average consumer needs to be shown an offer at least five to 7 times before they buy. On most occasions it will take even longer than that.

So the question is: “If you don’t have any way of contacting your visitors after their original visit, what happens to all of that traffic you spent time getting to your website?” It’s gone, and in all likelihood forever.

So building a list of subscribers is of the utmost importance if you genuinely want to get the most leverage from your article marketing endeavours.

There are 2 primary issues people have when it comes to article marketing and list building and they are:
  1. Article marketing is a long term traffic strategy and will take time to yield substantial results.

  2. How do you connect with your list properly so as to make your efforts worth it?

Leveraging Your Articles For More Traffic

With regards to article marketing being a long term strategy, this is true, however there are many ways to leverage your articles to bring in even more traffic.

You can convert your article into a pdf and upload your content to document directories. You can also convert your articles into video format and upload them to a good number of video sharing sites.

You can also convert your articles into podcasts and upload them to itunes and other podcasting sites for further market share.

Another thing you can do is take a few of your articles and compile them into a short report and upload your report to free download sites. These are but some of the things that you can do to truly ramp up your article marketing results.

How Do I Communicate With My List?

Article traffic is not only the best to communicate with, but it’s also the highest quality of subscriber that you can get on your list and here is why…

Subscribers who come from article marketing directories are used to reading. So when the time comes to send an email to your list you can basically use the same format that you did when you wrote your article, to your email.

Individuals who sign up to your list from article directories are about as qualified as a subscriber as you can acquire on the internet. Think about it, this person had to come across your article as a result of a search they did on a certain keyword or phrase and now they are on your list. Absolutely phenomenal.

So the question is: “Are you making use of article marketing to build your list?

If not, I firmly advise you to get started right away as an email subscriber list will provide you the leverage needed to really develop a solid long term internet business that is profitable.

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