Colostrum and Pregnancy

Posted by Muslim on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

by: Damian Sofsian
Newborns need to fight against disease and infection from the moment they come into the world. But nature, which provides life, provides mothers with a weapon to help their babies survive. And that weapon is colostrum.

Usually, colostrum begins in the breasts of pregnant mothers in the third month of pregnancy. In some, it may not appear until after the birth. Both are normal circumstances.

When colostrum is being produced, breasts grow and veins may be seen through the skin. As these changes take place, the areola becomes larger and darker and nipples become more erect. The breasts now become heavier, preparing mother to breastfeed.

Some mothers may experience slight blood leakage through the nipples. This is due to the increased number and rapid growth of blood vessels in the growing ductal system and is no cause for alarm.

There is a difference between colostrum produced in the mothers of premature babies and the mothers of full-grown babies. The colostrum produced in the mother of a premature baby is designed to suit the needs of a premature infant, whereas colostrum produced in the mother of a full-term baby contains nutrients and immunes required for growth in a fully term baby.

Colostrum is the most important food a newborn can receive in order to fight off bacteria that begin colonization on his skin and in his mucosal membranes at the moment of birth. The colostrum coats his intestines and protects him from bacteria and viruses. Unlike milk, colostrum is easily digestible by the newborn. Researches have proved that babies that receive colostrum from their mothers' breasts grow up to be stronger and healthier than those who are artificially fed.

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